Safety of Electrical Installation Audit

Safety of electrical installations audit is the activity of services to conduct inspections and observations on existing installations in residential buildings  (Apartments Hotel), office buildings, hospital buildings, building shopping / mall and electrical installations in the industry sector).

The purpose of the audit the safety of electrical installations is to detect as early as possible the potential danger of fires caused by the problem that occurred in the electrical installation that is as short circuit, overload  to the installation conditions that are old (physical condition or change in specifications to the present / changes in performance).

The Benefits
Losses caused by the fire is a big loss to be borne by the owner, even if the property assets and production are already insured but there are things that can not be replaced.
Safety factor is the factor that has the highest value in human activity. Accidents can happen on buildings generally where factor is the biggest cause of fire (70%-80%) *. While the cause of the fire itself occurs with the potential for one of the highest worldwide, is caused by a problem in electricity. If the electrical installation safety audit process is done on a regular basis, the significant potential building firewould go down.

Our BSP Solutions

BSP have experts who have competence in auditing the safety of electrical installations. We also use equipment that can detect fire potential is technically accurate so that the audit process can be run quickly.

For us the main thing is the commitment to carry out this audit. We emphasize accuracy in the execution of the audit so that no critical parts in the installation of electrical escaped our observation.

From the results of our field audit will acquire electrical installation condition data of our clients, Furthermore, our expert team will analyze the data and make priorities based on risk assessment that has been done. So that we can provide to our clients the best recommendation for what to do in order to improve the safety of buildings or industrial level.

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