Performance Excellence Program Development and Implementation

As business becomes ever more competitive, there is a growing need for companies to improve the business performance. To achieve quality improvement company-wide, the company needs to improve their performance culture and strengthen accountability at all levels of management. Those improvement requires a solid foundation in quality management.

 The effective approach to build the foundation is through the implementation of a comprehensive and integrated ‘quality management’ concept through a Performance Excellence model.

Among the Business Excellence model framework available, there are two models that are adopted by many world-class companies: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) and European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM).

The Benefits

  • Helps companies gain a competitive edge in the emerging global marketplace.
  • Provides a comprehensive method of accelerated organizational transformation by using a strategic and holistic approach through
    Business Excellence Model Framework forward World Class Performance.
  • Integrates all the key drivers of organizational performance management within one holistic framework, and manage organization as a system instead of a collection of individual parts.
  • Guides the companies in performance improvement by conducting a self-assessment using the appropriate Performance Excellence framework, instead of target in improving score.

Our Approach

Whether it is a large or small business, manufacturing, service, education, or health care, in one locality or with sites worldwide, your organization can benefit from adopting the Performance Excellence model of MBNQA or EFQM and taking action for improvement.

Our goal at BSP is to assist companies along the long but rewarding road of Business Performance Excellence, help align and cascade its new goals throughout the organization and bring the organization to a highly recognized level of success.

Our approach, among others are to: assess where the current performance grade of your company, mapping and gap analysis to world class model, world class performance criteria understanding, system design and development, system implementation, training internal assessor, and finally conducting overall organizational performance assessments.

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