Management System Development

As business competition become more intense, there is a need to be recognized as a world class company in order to win in the competition. One of the ways to become a leader in the world market and win the competition, the company needs recognition from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Nowadays, ISO has released several industrial standards for many areas of concern, among others : QMS – ISO 9001, EMS – ISO 14001, OHSMS – OHSAS 18001, FSMS – ISO 22000, LMS – ISO/IEC 17025, QMS – ISO 13485, ISMS – ISO/IEC 27001. Those are the International standard, which means a “worldwide” recognized, accepted, and mandated quality system standard.

Benefit to Your Organization

Being Certified is not a requirement but it is a demand. Since the industry is keen to compete in the world market place, the Implementation of an ISO International Standards has a major and positive impact on quality, productivity and cost reduction. Moreover, being certified to the standard will preserve and create domestic and international markets for every field of Business.

Our Approach

For TQM to succeed in any organization big or small, the Top Management must lead and everyone else in the organization must participate to the fullest. TQM as the late Prof. Dr. Ishikawa once said “..begins and ends with Education” and only by the acquiring of the TQM knowledge together with the best practices can we expect the TQM Road to Success to really happen and benefit all those who dare to implement TQM.

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