Greenship GBCI Pre-certification Audit

GREENSHIP is green building rating system in Indonesia that requires a project to meet series of requirements and to gain credits in several categories have been determined. GREENSHIP assessment includes the new building, a building that has been utilized, and the interior space with different rating tools.

This rating system is used as a tool for building industries, namely businessmen, architects, electrical and mechanical engineers, interior designers, building engineers, landscape architects, and other practitioners in implementing best practice and achieves measurable standards that can be understood by public.

Green building certification is carried out by certification bodies in the world such as Singapore has Green Mark certification by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). The United States has LEED, and Australia has Green Star. Indonesia has a green building certification body which is GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia) or Green Building Council Indonesia for GREENSHIP certification. GBCI is independent and non-profit organization that committed to give education to community in applying environmental best practices and facilitate the transformation of the global building industry that sustainable. GBCI is a member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC), based in Toronto, Canada and is currently comprised of 102 countries and has only one GBC in each country.

For further information about GBCI, you can visit their website here:


  • Identify energy baseline.
  • Evaluate energy consumption of building.
  • Recognize area and equipment that consume the most energy.
  • Identify and analyze energy saving potential.
  • Identify energy planning, EnPI-energy Performance Indicators, and reduce uncertainty.
  • Give recommendations related energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Comply with government regulations, namely Regulation of the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing No. 02 / PRT / M / 2015 and Jakarta Governor Regulation No. 38 Year 2012 regarding green building.
  • Identification, measurement, assessment, and provide recommendations to meet certain targets based on rating tools GBCI.

The Benefits

  • Conserve energy, water, and other resources.
  • Reduce operating cost of the building.
  • Provide good air quality in the building.
  • Improve occupant productivity because green building concept ensures occupant comfort and health.
  • Comply with government regulations so as to obtain the incentives and avoid penalties if do not apply the concept of green building.
  • Gain recognition nationally and internationally that the building have been implemented the concept of green building in its operations.
  • Potentially increase interest of companies or communities to become users or occupants of the building.

Our BSP Solutions

Our goal at BSP is to assist building industries along the long but rewarding road of building energy performance excellence, help align and cascade its new goals throughout the building industry and bring the building industry to a highly recognized level of success.

Our approach, among others are to: assess and measures where the current performance rating of your building industry, mapping and gap analysis to GREENSHIP building rating system and  Green building criteria, and finally to analysis and recommendating for oppurtunity of improvements. The scope of work among others are:

  • Optimized Efficiency Building Energy Performance
  • Testing, recommissioning, retrocommissioning
  • System Energy Performance
  • Energy Monitoring & Control
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • On Site Renewable
  • Water Sub metering
  • Water Monitoring Control
  • Fresh Water Efficiency
  • Water Quality
  • Deep Well Reduction
  • Fundamental Refrigerant
  • Non ODS Usage
  • Outdoor Air Introduction
  • CO2 and CO Monitoring & Thermal Comfort
  • Visual Comfort
  • Acoustic Level



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