Green Industry/ Manufacturing Audit

The green industry is an industry that in the production/ manufacturing process prioritizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of resources in a sustainable manner so as to harmonize industrial development with the preservation of the environment and give benefit for people.

Green Industry standard based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 the Year 2014 Article 79 shall at least contain provisions regarding raw materials, auxiliary materials, and energy; production process; products; utilization management; waste management.

Carrying out energy audits in addition to including the assessment points for the Green Industry Award based on the guidelines in 2013, is also one aspect of the assessment criteria for resource utilization in PROPER (Program Performance Rating in Environmental Management) to a “Green” rating or classification. Energy efficiency activities that assessed in these criteria are the company’s efforts to improve energy efficiency through activities Increased Efficiency, Retrofit (replacement/repair) environmentally friendly equipment, Efficiency in Buildings, Energy Efficiency in Transportation System.

The benefits of applying green industry that can be felt industrial companies are to increase profits by increasing efficiency, it can reduce or control operating costs, reduction of waste management costs and additional revenue from product byproduct. It also can improve the image and performance of the company, facilitate access to funding, flexibility in the regulation, opening new market opportunities, and preserving the environmental functions.


  • Identify energy baseline
  • Evaluate the energy consumption of industry
  • Recognize the production process and equipment that consume the most energy
  • Identify and analyze energy saving potential
  • Identify energy planning, EnPI-energy Performance Indicators, and reduce uncertainty
  • Give recommendations related to energy efficiency and conservation
  • Comply with government regulations so as to obtain the incentives and avoid penalties if do not apply the concept of green industry

Aim of Energy Audit

  • Decrease specific energy consumption of industry
  • Increase the role of industry in the energy conservation program
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduce pollution that can damage the quality of the environment
  • Increase the competitiveness of the product
  • Improve energy efficiency in production

Our BSP Solutions

Our goal at BSP is to assist Industries along the long but rewarding road of Green Industry Award, help align and cascade its new goals throughout the industry and bring the industry to a highly recognized level of success.

Our approach, among others, is to assess and measures where the current performance grade of your industry, mapping and gap analysis to Green Industry Award and Green industry criteria, and finally to analysis and recommendation for the opportunity of improvements. The scope of work among others are:

    • Collecting secondary data from field record which includes data on regular maintenance, specifications of equipment that consume the most energy, and daily/weekly/monthly data record.
    • Conducting energy audit by measuring the energy in electric panels and production equipment that consume large energy both electricity and thermal energy.
    • Discussions with the management and employees related to industrial energy use.
    • Analyze and assess the potential of energy savings based on data that has been collected either through direct measurement and field record and additional information from discussions.
  • Develop energy audit activity report.
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