Fire & Safety Audit

Fire & Safety Audit

Fire hazards become one of the important issues of concern in big cities now. This resulted in the need for additional attention to prevent or ensure non-occurrence of such disasters, not least for the company / organization and building facilities. The level of safety will only be achieved through preventive measures such as regular inspection, maintenance and monitoring of fire and safety equipment. Fire Safety Audit is an important factor in the management of the building and an important element to enhance the competitiveness of today’s business days.

Under these conditions, it is time for the owners or managers of buildings to be more professional in dealing with and managing fire that might befall the building. Quality of professionalism in the business activities of the building management can be seen from whether the fire protection system of the company is implemented according to the rules and consistent.


With an audit of the fire protection system can ensure not only the safety but the future of your business. At first the organization / company may never see any benefit beyond what would be done, but after the audit is done then the organization / company will get the most benefit from these activities such as:

  1. Knowing which areas that need additional protection
  2. Knowing the status of fire protection systems owned
  3. Knowing the potential fire hazards that may occur
  4. Can a plan to provide the needs of precisely controlling fire hazards

Our BSP Solutions

Our approach, among others are to: assess and measures where the current level of safety of your company, mapping and gap analysis to government regulation and other safety standards, and finally to analysis and recommendating for oppurtunity of improvements. The scope of work among others are:

  1. Identification of Potential Fire Hazard
  2. Identification Infrastructure Fire Protection
  3. Measurement of Fire Protection Equipments (fire alarm system, fire exist sign, emergency lamp, hidrant system)
  4. Data Analysis and Evaluation
  5. Reporting
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