Business Process Improvement

The Balanced Business Scorecard Implementation Assistance

(Assistance & advisory in building of the business performance improvement program based on “Kaplan & Norton-Balanced Scorecard”)

In order to achieve significant performance improvements rapidly, reliably, and in a sustainable manner, we use two phases approach:

  • Phase 1: Vision, mission and strategy clarification, BSC understanding, BSC Building
  • Phase 2: Data harvesting plan, S/W implementation, user training & BSC launch (if requested).

Six Sigma – Implementation Advisory

The objective of six sigma is the reduction in defects/ failure in processes. We partner with clients to provide long term changes in business behavior, set up organization with six sigma improvement program, coaching your staff on the job as they work at six sigma improvement project. We use the approach to examine your organizations processes and then measure the gap between the current condition and the strategic goals expected from these processes. The gaps clearly identify the highest priorities that six sigma projects must address first. Six Sigma – Improvement strategies for:

  • Reducing VariationVariation is the enemy!
  • Reducing Cycle TimeIn order to be quicker, we must simplify!
  • Reducing CostsReducing total life-cycle cost requires improvements in all processes associated with the product or service!

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