API Specification Q2

API Spec Q2 is the first international quality management system standard for service supply organizations offered by the American Petroleum Institute. Published in December 2011, API Spec Q2, Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries outlines fundamental quality management system requirements that are critical to upstream operations. The industry-written specification applies to critical activities such as well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities.

Service supply organizations will implement the requirements of API Spec Q2 throughout their quality management systems, creating a larger, more qualified service supply base. Compliant service supply organizations will boast superior quality management systems that control all operational processes, provide consistent results, manage change effectively, continually improve, reduce operational downtime, and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefit to Your Organization

Benefits of API Spec Q2 implementation & certification:

  • Meet oil and gas industry and customer demands for service companies to achieve API Spec Q2 certification
  • Increase revenues and overcome your competitors
  • Increased credibility of your organization’s services due to API Spec Q2 certification
  • Improve operations and reduce risks within your organization

Our Approach & Solution

We will review the current quality management system performance of your company. We will recommend to companies that have not applied the quality management system to implement a quality management system that comply API Spec Q2.

We understand how to design, develop and implement API Spec Q2 First Edition certification ready management systems from the bottom up to meet the latest American Petroleum Institute standards.  If your organization has an ISO 9001:2008 management system, we will help you integrate API Spec Q2 into your current system(s).

We guarantee your management system will comply against API Spec Q2 requirements. Our trained and experienced management system consultants will assist your organization in designing, developing, and implementing your API Spec Q2 management system.

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