API Spec Q1 & API Monogram

American Petroleum Institute (API) is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developing organization, operating with approved standards development procedures and undergoing regular audits of its processes.  API produces standards, recommended practices, specifications, codes and technical publications, reports and studies that cover each segment of Oil and Gas Industry. API offer two kind of quality program: API spec Q1 for Quality Management System (QMS) and API Monogram for product specification.

Every day, around the world, the oil and natural gas industry relies on equipment and products identified by the API Monogram to get the job done right. The API Monogram shows the world that a manufacturer is dedicated to the highest quality standards because the API Monogram Program is built around real-world standards. Designed for manufacturers of production equipment, drilling equipment and now, refinery equipment, the API Monogram Program lets companies show the world what they’re made of.  API Monogram consist any product specification for casing and tubing (API 5CT), wellhead and christmast tree equipment (6A), drill equipment (API 16A), and other oil and gas company industry equipment.

API Spec Q1 is the keystone of the API Monogram Program. The key to getting the     most from the API Monogram Program is to understand the nuances of its main quality system element, API Spec Q1.

Benefit to your Organization

Since the industry is keen to compete in the world market place, the Implementation of API Q1 and API Monogram has a major and positive impact on quality, productivity and cost reduction. Being certified to the standard will preserve and create domestic and international markets for every field of Business. Moreover, API Monogram is the requirement to show to the world that your product is the highest quality standard and can be used globally.

Our Approach

We will review the current quality management system performance of your company. We will recommend to companies that have not applied the quality management system to implement a quality management system that comply to API Q1. After the quality management system implemented, we will guide your company to meet the requirements specified by the API monogram; documents, human resources, equipments, tools, etc.

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