Identifying and controlling workplace hazards involves many processes. It’s more than simply “inspecting out hazards.”  Before we can effectively control hazardous conditions and unsafe behaviors, we need to be familiar with their characteristics and the necessary processes to make sure they are promptly identified and analyzed.  The questions and exercises in this workshop will help us become more familiar with hazard control concepts and we’ll discuss the many types of hazards that may exist in the workplace.



Given the information and exercises in this workshop, you will be able :

  • To explore the elements of an effective hazard identification and control program.
  • To discuss the steps in the hazard identification and control process.
  • To complete the hazard identification and control worksheet.



The training is provided in the form of exposition, discussion, case studies, and equipment demonstration.

Target Audience

The training is designed for : Manager K3/ staff K3, Inspector LK3, HSE Manager/ Engineer/ Supervisor, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager/ Engineer, Process facility manager/ Engineer, Field manager/ engineer and The other person who interested in work safety


for further information & training syllabus request please contact :  marketing@bikasolusi.co.id

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